Tuesday, December 31

The Grief

I crying….everyday im crying
But with this fake face, its still show that im smiling
Smiling to the world
Eventhough its looks hard
I can get through it
As I put my self in other shoes
Just think, just imagine…
Not only me experience the sadness
Everyone has gone through it
Maybe their problem is bigger than mine.
Why I must crying to much…
Nothing to do with it
Cry, cry, cry…
U must go away…
Try smiling to the world
Show that nothing happen
Thanks to this fake face….for making a ‘wall’ between happy n sadness

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Wednesday, December 25

it just a poem~

No one knows my depression
My life is so gray
No one to hold me
To say it'll be ok
These feelings I hate
They bring me pain
All from the world
That will never go away...

p/s: i miss her....

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Friday, December 20

Today you will cry but tomorrow you will smile :)

Time is a Wonderful Healer as God is time. He created time. He controls time. Everything moves according to His timetable, not ours.

Todays Ice will be tomorrows river!
So, when you are feeling down remember time, embrace time, embrace patience, embrace all love, embrace God, and embrace all that comes from God. Embrace every goodness. Most of all remember time, remember God.

Remember Gods words:
 “With every hardship there comes ease. Indeed with every hardship there comes ease.”
Its just a matter of time. So smile if you are sad because you are going to smile again. You’re loved by God. Time ticks for you.

Just Be Righteous.

Proud Muslimah

credit to : http://www.islamicinspiration.org

..Try to SPREAD the love.. ^_^

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