Friday, March 1

Trial is an opportunity to get closer to Allah

 * Treat each difficulty and hardship as a calling from your lord to purify your soul and increase your ranks in the hereafter. The way you face and see each trial is half the battle. Realize that you cannot flee from trials, but you can pass all trials successfully with Allah's help. Know that each trial is an opportunity to get closer to Allah, for nothing in this world is more valuable than a moment spent in contemplation and worship of Allah. Oh Allah, give me eyes to see the benefits of each hardship, give me ears to only hear your messages in them, give me a heart to find contentment in your decree, and give me wisdom to turn hardships into blessings.

  * If we face each hardship with the realization that one, we cannot escape what has been destined for us, and two, that any hardship no matter how painful it may be, it is to better us for the hereafter, and that it was decreed by Allah because he loves us. If we keep those thoughts in the forefront of our head, we have won the battle insya Allah!
p/s : ingatlah! setiap ujian itu mendekatkan lagi kita kepada Allah SWT. Tabah menghadapi ujiannya. For me, jika Allah mengirimkan ujian itu tandanya DIA rindukan kita supaya kita mendekatkan diri kepada-Nya. Untuk kita memperbaiki / membuatkan kita muhasabahkan diri. Dont give up and Think Positive. Allah is always there~ Ketika kamu berpikir untuk menyerah, ingatlah, Tuhan tak akan berikan ujian melebihi kemampuanmu, Tuhan hanya menguji kesabaranmu. ^^
* esaimen bertimbun -_-

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